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Contract law

German and International Contract Law are core areas of Dr. Ulrich Münzer's practice. Particularly because of the cases coming in from abroad Dr. Ulrich Münzer continues to work on many different types of contracts – representing clients in German courts or advising them.

Sale of goods and land, commercial leases, services and building contracts are most often on Dr. Ulrich Münzer's desk. They may be governed by the German Civil Code or by the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

Again and again the integration of standard terms into a contract as well as their validity play an important role.

Much too rarely cross-border claims are secured, e.g. by retention of title and other means of securing an obligation.

When litigation abroad becomes necessary Dr. Ulrich Münzer can support clients in the communication with the foreign lawyer. Here Dr. Ulrich Münzer's language skills as well as Dr. Ulrich Münzer's experience from earlier exchanges with foreign colleagues and from Dr. Ulrich Münzer's work in comparative law are useful.

These skills and experience are also valuable when representing foreign clients in Germany and when communicating with their lawyers.

Whether litigation abroad is necessary or possible is a question of European Civil Procedure Law and rules on jurisdiction. Since student days Dr. Ulrich Münzer has been working on these questions.

Dr. Ulrich Münzer can also advise clients if they need to raise the question when negotiating which law should be applicable to a cross-border contract or which court should have jurisdiction.

In Germany, consumers wishing to buy real property are entitled to receive a draft of the contract from the notary at least 14 days before. This period is thought to allow the consumers to seek advice on the contract before making it. In order to give these consumers certainty about the costs of getting such advice Dr. Ulrich Münzer offers to check it and explain it in a meeting or a telephone call for 190 € + VAT (actually 19 %). However, Dr. Ulrich Münzer reserves the right to request higher fees for particularly complex contracts or for explanations in writing.