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Business people

Dr. Ulrich Münzer's practice focusses on business people. Their businesses give rise to legal questions from different fields. This is why Dr. Ulrich Münzer never reached specialization on a single field of practice. But German and International Business Law and Corporate are the major fields of practice. The division of labour within the offices Dr. Ulrich Münzer has been working at always meant that another one was the labour law specialist, at Hotz & Partner this is Frank Fabian. So Dr. Ulrich Münzer have always entrusted such a case to a colleague and kept his focus.

Representing businesses Dr. Ulrich Münzer have been able – thanks to his further focus on European Civil Procedure and cross-border litigation – to sue in Germany more often than the clients and their opponents had expected. This was a tactical advantage. But Dr. Ulrich Münzer only advises to do so when it leads to a faster result (which is money for the client, not the judgement in his file).

Business people have legal problems in their private life, too: they drove too fast to the next meeting, the son is tenant of an apartment near his university or a craftsman has not delivered the expected result at home.

Dr. Ulrich Münzer's international networks of lawyers are available to assist when any of this happens abroad.