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Construction law

Increasing demand for advice and representation in construction law motivated Dr. Ulrich Münzer to attend a six-day course in construction law and architectural law in 1995, long before a bar-certified specialisation was introduced for this area. VOB, a German standard of contract terms in construction law, and HOAI applied again and again. Dr. Ulrich Münzer also attended a seminar on building techniques for lawyers. Dr. Ulrich Münzer's sister, one cousin and one uncle are civil engineers.

Dr. Ulrich Münzer mainly represented craftsmen, building companies and general contractors and always insisted on understanding the technical problem in order to determine how to proceed in the case.

The practical experiences were useful for cases of machinery and equipment deliveries. Here Dr. Ulrich Münzer has handled cross-border cases.

Occasionally the client's problem turned out to be one of public building law. So Dr. Ulrich Münzer kept practising in this area, too. Dr. Ulrich Münzer has spent a part of his clerkship at the medium administration level for building law where remedies against decisions of the local building authorities were sought.