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At Hotz & Partner Dr. Ulrich M"unzer is working a lot in this field with Rechtsanwalt Frank Fabian and the tax advisors.

Since the winter term 2015/16 Dr. Ulrich M"unzer is lecturing International and EU company law at the University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim.

Dr. Ulrich M"unzer established "his" first limited liability company in 1992 in Dresden: real Texans wanted to open a real barbecue restaurant in Dresden. Many an establishment was for entrepreneurs who needed an orderly frame-work (and one which avoided conflicts) for their business with one or more partners. Members of the liberal professions also have to respect professional rules and ethics when doing so.

Apart from the establishment Dr. Ulrich M"unzer is entrusted with joint venture agreements, often by or with foreign shareholders.

From time to time changes in the life of a company have to be brought into due form.

At the end of a company's life Dr. Ulrich M"unzer is involved again and again when disputes arose between the shareholders. This is particularly hard for shareholders who are actually working in the company. And it showed how important good articles of incorporation are: clear rules mean less potential to quarrel. Articles which were made for the sole purpose of obtaining the registration of a company, namely a template for a one-man company used for a company with three shareholders, are pretty useless then and money was saved in the wrong place.