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Commercial leases

In principle this is a part of the law of landlords and tenants. However, the German law-maker saw less need to protect the tenant (lessee) of commercial premises as compared to housing. Therefore, the scope of freedom of contract is wider and more issues need to be negotiated between the parties. Usually leases of commercial premises are for a longer binding period, mainly because the tenant needs security for his investments into the equipment (and his bank insists on that, too) and usually a higher rent is agreed upon than for housing. The location of the premises is much more important for a commercial lease than for housing.

Here Dr. Ulrich Münzer often advises when one party is from abroad or if one party has a foreign shareholder and makes use of Dr. Ulrich Münzer's language skills and intercultural experience.

Dr. Ulrich Münzer's experiences in civil and public building law are useful, too. Only in very special circumstances Dr. Ulrich Münzer had to wait until a specialized colleague has had the time to look into the matter.